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Much attention is paid to furniture of priests (the priest – a black cassock, the bishop – violet, the cardinal – purple, the father – a white cassock. The father puts on a miter and a tiara as a sign of the higher terrestrial authority, and also palliya – a tape with the crosses sewed on it from a black sukn.

Philosophical fundamentals of the Buddhism is the theory of Dharmas. According to the ¾ty theory, all existing, represents the uniform stream consisting of elements (atom. Life of elements it is insignificant it is small, the odobna to flash therefore everything that consists of them ever will cease to exist, but that really is, cannot stop being; therefore it is impossible to call all natural phenomena truly real life. Elements have the naositel – a Dharma, eternal and invariable substance, kotoryay and is truly real life, essence of all phenomena. Dharmas – certain nepoznaayemy single essence, and only they are truly real. They are not born and do not disappear and their number is infinite. Each Dharma is allocated with the orpedelenny not changing feature set. Can stay in due (a condition of absolute rest) or undue life. Cheloveki the world surrounding him are created by pryavleniye of Dharmas, not being at rest ("worrying"). The combination of such manifestations is formed only on the shortest period then there is other combination from pryavleniye of the same or a bit different set of Dharmas. Therefore, all existing in time and space ("put also things") no other than the combinations of manifestations of Dharmas which are infinitely replacing each other.