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When cleaning and transporting beet except the greens which stuck to beet to it small and heavy impurity are added. At acceptance of sugar beet on plant, the raw laboratory carries out the analysis of the received beet. Technological quality of sugar beet is characterized by a number of indicators from which the main are sugar content and purity of beet juice of beet, they are interconnected: with increase in sugar content also its purity increases.

Field honey - colourless, maybe another, reaches to orange-yellow, crystallizes quickly. Contains a chicory perga. Honey in which pergovy grains of chicory prevail, has korichnyvaty color, sweet taste, the expressed antimicrobic action. In the analysis of field honey from areas of mountains sometimes are found pergovy a zarna of a valerian, this honey has aroma of a valerian. Has the calming effect.

For fight against germination delete root crop head tops when cleaning and process root crops before laying in kagata 1% solution of sodium salt of hydrazide of maleic acid (3-4l on 1t beets). If the head of beet is cut low off, or it is slightly slightly dried, when laying in kagata use 0,3% solution of pyrocatechin (3-4l on 1t beets).

Fruit honey – from nectar of the blossoming fruit trees. Fresh, it transparent color with a yellow-red shade, after crystallization becomes light yellow. Has pleasant aroma and sweet taste. Contains 42% of fructose and 3167% of glucose. It is a monoflerny grade of honey. In its structure the perga of apple-trees, pears, sweet cherries and other fruit trees can prevail.

Production of granulated sugar at beet sugar plants is carried out according to standard technological schemes or according to schemes, to them coming nearer. Standard technological schemes are developed on the basis of modern achievements of science and technology on condition of receiving the developed quality product. The standard processing equipment is applied to performance of separate operations in the technological scheme.

Mint honey – possesses aroma of mint, light yellow color. In its sediment pergovy grains of mint prevail. Honey contains a large amount of vitamin C, mint honey renders the zhelchegonny, calming, soothing, gazogonny and antiseptic action.

Germination is characterized by the relation of mass of sprouts to the mass of all beet in a sample. Germination begins in 5-7 days after cleaning at the increased temperature and humidity. The root crops which are in a kagata sprout unevenly: in the top part twice bigger, than in the lower. Germination - the negative phenomenon as conducts to sucrose losses, in connection with strengthening of breath and increase in allocation of warmth. Sprout root crops in not ventilated kagata, and on what there were growth kidneys more intensively.

beet rises two screws. In the bottom of a conditioner there is a kamnelovushka. The light impurity which emerged in a conditioner are removed the mesh conveyor. After a conditioner beet is in addition peeled in a gidrokamnepeskoulavlivatel.

The bee – the most hardworking being from terrestrial creations – appeared on 50-60 thousand years before the person, but will pass the whole centuries until are found in a number of historical documents of the reference to bees, honey or wax. Many written monuments specify that the primitive person knew and loved honey. Ancient Egyptian pyramids and obelisks confirm that Egyptians till Tutankhamun's era actively went in for beekeeping, used honey not only as I peep, but also applied it as the medical, cosmetic and preserving means. As far as they appreciated bees and honey, shows that at Pharaohs on emblems, and also on their tombs the bee was represented.

Chemical composition fall matters for bees. They do not collect, containing less than 4% of sugars and when in it there are no fragrant and other connections. Bees collect only from 71 species of vegetable plant louses and insects.

Fresh honey — is the dense transparent semi-fluid weight starting crystallizing and hardening gradually eventually. Unripe honey flows down from a spoon. and mature it is reeled up on it. Accumulates folds.